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Making a Storyboard

Your very first assignment is to make a storyboard. Storyboard are used to chart out the course of a film, video, or animation. They help you plan out what you're doing that your work is not entirely random.

You are going to create an animation using drawn pictures. These pictures don't have to be brilliantly drawn (they can be stick pictures, if you like) but they should be neat, tidy, and carefully drawn.

You'll need some appropriate paper on which to draw your storyboard. I suggest you print out this form and use it to draw and describe your plan.

  1. Your storyboard should show key moments in the action when the story line changes or something new happens.
  2. The drawing doesn't need to be brilliant, but it should be neat and tidy. 
  3. Plan for a short video. Your animation will be about 30 seconds, at a rate of about 10 frames per second. A surprisingly large amount can happen in 30 seconds.


A basic storyboard. Simple yet clear drawings that tell what will happen in the animation. Main characters depicted and not much else Basic drawing with text underneath to describe the action in a short, snappy way Color added to the drawings to help distinguish one element from the other. Still done at a simple level. Drawings show background elements in addition to the main characters, and include some color to distinguish elements from each other.  More extensive descriptions of two or three sentences are added to the drawings
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