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Grouping Objects

The Technology

Any artist knows that a drawing is made up of many, many shapes. Likewise, no drawing in Swish is an object to itself. Any object is made up of many other objects.
  1. Create two objects such as two circles, or a circle and a square, or a square and a square, or a square and a circle, or (using the Autoshape Tool) two triangles, or two stars or a triangle and a circle....
  2. Click on the timelines of the two objects.
    • You will need to hold click on one, hold the Control button down and then click on the other.
  3. Under the Modify menu pick Grouping and then Group as Group. 
    • Control G is a keyboard shortcut for this.
  4. If you now click on the selection tool, you will notice that if you try to move one of your objects, both will move together.
  5. Using keyframes, construct a short loop to take your grouped objects around the stage together.
  6. It's a pretty simple technique, but a pretty important one.

The Task

  1. Using the drawing tools to the left of the stage, you are going to create a drawing that includes at least four objects such as two eyes, a nose and a mouth, or a car body (which is probably made up of at least two objects itself), and two wheels.
  2. Add a smattering of color to make the objects stand out from each other a bit.
  3. Group them.
  4. Animate the group on the stage using at least 10 keyframes and 100 regular frames (110 frames in total).

The Evaluation

A drawing with at least four objects in it. 2
Objects successfully grouped. 2
A bit of color added to the objects. 1
Animated with at least
    ...10 keyframes
    ...100 other frames
 Total 9

James Dykstra,
Jan 5, 2015, 8:34 AM