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Drawing in Pencil 2D

We're going to start doing animation using the Pencil 2D program. It allows us to create two dimensional drawings, bring them together, and animate them. 
  1. Once you've started up the program, go to the white area in the middle. This is the stage where the action happens. It's where you draw all the slides of your animation.
  2. Click on the pencil tool on the upper left menu. Use it to draw a line along the bottom of the stage.
    • If a line doesn't appear, use the stroke thickness to make it more easily visible.
  3. Then at one end of the stage, draw a stick person. 
    • If you need to move the stage over to accomplish this, use the hand tool to grab and shift the stage.
  4. Under the View menu, turn Onion Skinning on for the previous option.
  5. You can now see the image of the previous slide under this one.
  6. Using the Eraser tool, erase the stick figure's arm on your new slides.
  7. Redraw it in a slightly different position.
  8. If you toggle the . and , keys your stick figure will appear to wave.
  9. Adding more slides, one by one, have the stick figure move from one end of the stage to the other.
  10. Take about 10 slides to move across the stage.